Hi everyone! Sorry for my late (and probably very sporadic) blog posts but I’m excited to share with you some images I took recently. Kathryn Bondy is the artist behind Golden Age Botanicals and I was honoured to spend the afternoon taking some portraits in her Toronto studio.  Kathryn creates these incredibly detailed and realistic flowers made entirely out of paper. And I have to say, seeing them in person really kind of throws you for a loop.  It takes a while to figure out they are not real flowers, and even then you kind of go back and forth trying to figure it out.  She’s way too humble to admit, but these are not merely a representation; she makes them look better than the actual flowers themselves.

On the day I was there, she was busy finishing up a handful of daffodils for an upcoming workshop. These things are seriously incredible. Have a look!

I urge you to check out her instagram and etsy for some serious eye candy.